Hello! I'm Zamar,

Software Engineer
Based In Chicago.

Yes, the city proper.

About Me

I have a passion for solving problems, improving my skills, and working with people I can learn from.

Aspiring full stack software engineer. Computer Science graduate with a strong educational and practical background in Java, Python, SQL, Linux, IT, Networks, Applied Mathematics, and theoretical Computer Science.
In my spare time I love attending music festivals and concerts, playing guitar, producing music, bicycling, and reading.
I'm very eager to begin my journey in the tech industry!

Education and (Relevant) Work

June 2021 - December 2021


IT Systems and Software Development Intern
(Fully Remote)

  • Worked fully remote to help transition company ERP to Microsoft cloud services and products. Reported directly to IT director and higher corporate leadership.
  • Built data visualization dashboards and pipelines using Python in conjunction with MS PowerBI to visualize and recognize trends in company sales and logistics data.
  • Trained employees across multiple departments including sales, AP & AR, warehouse, and shipping & logistics to use Microsoft Dynamics. Took detailed notes of ERP system errors and inconsistencies during training to report and fix later.
  • Gave instructional presentations on IT best practices for business computer safety and security, and on using MS OneDrive.
  • Interpreted, analyzed, and modified large spreadsheets and administrative paperwork.
  • Achievement: Authored 100+ page employee training manual for Microsoft Dynamics for use across several departments.
  • Achievement: Remotely set up and troubleshooted MS OneDrive on 60+ employee computers and backed up their important business files.
  • 2020-2022

    Northeastern Illinois University

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    Minor in Applied Mathematics

    • Grade: 3.64 GPA, Cum Laude
    • Societies: NEIU Computer Science Society, Google Student Developer Club


    Oakton College

    Associate in Science
    Concentration in Math & Computer Science


    Lane Tech College Prep

    High School Degree
    Go Lane Go!


    Here are some of my projects:

    Eliza Chatbot


    Not quite self-aware yet.



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    OccuNomix MS Dynamics (Redacted) Employee Handbook

    Technical Writing

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